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Autumn skin and what you need now…

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

As we have hit a new season, we want to be able to enjoy all that autumn offers us without worrying about how we are going to keep our skin healthy. Over summer, our skin was exposed and left many of us dealing with peeling, redness and dry skin, so autumn is the time for us to spend time repairing and caring for our skin.

Seasonal changes can play havoc with our skin which is why it is essential to consider ways to uplift our skin to keep it healthy. To help you get started, we have five tips for what your skin needs this autumn:


In addition to your daily skincare routine, you may like to try using a hydration mask once a week or use our Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser to help leave your skin looking smoother and more radiant. Hydrating your skin regularly over autumn will give your skin the boost it needs as the weather begins to cool and change the feel of your skin.


Using a prescribed or professionally matched serum &/or moisturiser before autumn ends and before winter is upon us, will help stop you from getting flaky skin, especially as we start using heating more frequently. A good moisturiser that has been recommended by a skin expert will also help hydrate your skin properly; there is something to suit all skin types, but people with oily skin may need something a little lighter.m & vice-versa.


While some people suggest cutting back on exfoliating over the autumn period, we recommend balanced exfoliating to treat parched and flaky skin. After a few months in the sun and coming into the colder months, it is essential to exfoliate your skin to allow it to breathe and absorb moisture.


Keeping your skin healthy over autumn is not just about what you are applying to it, but also what goes into the body. To prevent your skin from drying out eat plenty of healthy, green leafy foods, fresh foods and drinking lots of water (min. 2L per day). Pre & probiotics can also assist in helping with your gut/inner health. This will all aid in your skin being naturally healthy, hydrated & literally glowing from the inside out.


Even though the weather is certainly cooling down, the Australian sun still affects the skin on overcast days. Adding sunscreen to your skincare routine or using a product with it already in it will help reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation that is caused by sun exposure. In fact, we say sunscreen is at ‘non-negotiable’ for protected, healthy skin.

Skin Care Routine

Whatever the season, having a well-balanced skincare routine for your skin type will ensure that you look radiant all year round. This may include taking a look at the routine you used during summer and changing it up so that you are hydrating more and using products more suited to the autumn climate. Stepping back and re-evaluating what your skin needs every day will have a long term positive effect.

We don’t expect you to know exactly what’s best for your skin... but that’s why we’re here. To help you :)

Your skin care doesn't need to be complicated, but it does need to be effective. We would love to continue the conversation around how you can maximise your #glow & your skincare routine, why not book in for your FREE online skin consultation here... we'd love to chat!

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