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Contouring the double chin/lower face

These tiny injections are the epitome of results driven treatments, without surgery!

Fat dissolving injections are carefully placed into the submental fat pocket (the small fold under the chin), to dissolve the fat cells which are then metabolised by the body.

The active ingredient in the injections is identical to a substance that is naturally occurring in the body giving it the ability to break down fat cells.

The results can take 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment to reveal a more defined chin & jawline. Most clients need 2-4 treatments to reach their goals.

The series of injections are relatively painless, thanks to some local anaesthetic used before the procedure. The active ingredient is identical to the naturally produced molecule our body creates to help promote the break down and absorption of fat.

  • Dissolve fat cells under the chin - permanently

  • Create a firmer chin contour

  • Get that defined jawline

  • Women gain a contoured look while men rock the chiseled chin

click image below to see results
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